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Faculty News



Jose Buscaglia recently edited and published Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora’s Infortunios de Alonso Ramírez (1690): azares y peripecias del primer americano universal (Madrid: Consejo

Superior de Investigaciones Científicas/Polifemo, 2011). Over the past year, he also presented his research in Seville, Madrid, and Havana.

Donald Grinde was one of the recipients of the prestigious $3.1 million Integrative Graduate Education Research and Traineeship (IGERT) grant from the National Science Foundation, which will fund the study of Western New York’s ecosystems and waterways. Most recently, the History Channel interviewed him for the show, "Founding Fathers and Extraterrestrials." This episode examines Benjamin Franklin’s publication of the Iroquois Creation story about Sky Woman. It will air in August 2011.

Theresa McCarthy was the Associate Producer of Sewatokwa’tshera’t: The Dish With One Spoon, a Haudenosaunee Land Rights educational documentary DVD (published by the Six Nations/ Haudenosaunee Confederacy, March 2008). She also published an article titled, "Iroquoian and Iroquoianist: Anthropologists and the Haudenosaunee at Grand River," Histories of Anthropology Annual 4 (2008).

Carl Nightingale’s article, “Before Race Mattered: Geographies of the Color Line in Early Colonial Madras and New York,” appeared in the February 2008 issue of the American Historical Review. He is currently writing a book that examines

urban racial segregation as a global historical phenomenon, under contract with the University of Chicago Press.

Theresa Runstedtler will be a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Penn Humanities Forum for 2011-2012, working on a second book project that explores the global contours of blackface minstrelsy and early black American theater. Her first book, tentatively titled Jack Johnson, Rebel Sojourner: Boxing in the Shadow of the Global Color Line, is currently in production with the University of California Press. Her article, "White Anglo-Saxon Hopes and Black Americans’ Atlantic Dreams: Jack Johnson and the British Boxing Colour Bar," appears in the December 2010 issue of the Journal of World History, while "Visible Men: African American Boxers, the New Negro, and the Global Color Line" appears in the Radical History Review 103 (2009).

Ramon Soto-Crespo book, Mainland Passage: The Cultural Anomaly of Puerto Rico (Minnesota, 2009), was awarded honorable mention in 2010 for the MLA Prize in United States Latina and Latino and Chicana and Chicano Literary and Cultural Studies.

Kari Winter’s book, The American Dreams of John B. Prentis, Slave Trader, is now as part of the University of Georgia Press’s Race in the Atlantic World, 1700-1900 Series (2011).  Her article, “The Strange Career of Benjamin Franklin Prentiss, Antislavery Lawyer,” is forthcoming in Vermont History.  Her nonfiction story, “Renovating the Past in Zhejiang,” was the lead essay in an anthology, Zhejiang in the Eyes of World Writers (Beijing: China
Intercontinental Press, 2009. 1-20).